Ingredient Spotlight: Why Retinol is a Skin Care Game-Changer

Let’s be honest, you’ve heard of retinol. If skin care had a cool kids table, retinol would be its queen bee, standing out above the crowd (and occasionally telling other ingredients that they can’t sit with her.) From acne-fighting to skin-brightening to anti-aging, retinol gets name-dropped as a solution for a veritable cornucopia of skin issues. It’s the metaphorical A-lister of the beauty world, and just like its blockbuster counterparts, for years it’s left people asking (in their best dramatic “Hollywood” voice) “how doooooes it do it?”

If you’ve been wondering why everyone is fawning over the wonders of retinol, or maybe just wondering if you should join them, here’s everything you need to know. Get it all over at The Klog